Irving Renquist, Ghost Hunter begins airing episodes on Halloween Night, October 31, 2007 at 12:01am. New episodes will be available at 12:01am on subsequent Wednesdays. Episode blurbs will appear the week before the episode airs.

Episode 1 (Season Premiere) - "Alex" - Airs: October 31, 2007

Irving struggles with the impending Chicago Haunts deadline while losing interest in the project. A further distraction, much to Julia's dismay, is Irving's interest in the hostess at their local diner. Luckily, she may have a ghost.

Dir: Nick Thompson

Guest Cast: Bill Coulter, Michelle Higgins, Doug Bahnick, Brendan Foley, Richard Fredrickson & John Turner

Episode 2 - "Preliminary" - Airs: November 7, 2007

Julia moves out of the house she shared with Tim while Lonnie finds a much more impressive bit of ghostly voices from the cemetery. Irving discovers what his relationship with Dotti really means as her father goes out of town and the trio begins their preliminary investigation of the Parker house on Cuba Road.

Dir: Patrick Pantelis

Guest Cast: Bill Coulter & Doug Bahnick

Episode 3 - "Goodbye" - Airs: November 14, 2007

The ghost on Cuba Road is momentarily put on the back burner when Julia is sucked back into the investigation of her missing sister Christine, who has been gone for four years. She and Irving rush out to Iowa to visit Andy Belleville, Christine's ex-boyfriend, who says he's got a note from her.

Dir: Tricia Noens

Guest Cast: Michelle Higgins, Doug Bahnick, Brendan Foley, Steve Coulter & Morgan Gire

Episode 4 - "Investigation" - Airs: November 21, 2007

The investigation Irving, Julia and Lonnie have been preparing for begins in this two part episode. The mood of the investigation immediately turns sour when Dr. Thom Augusta arrives to do his part for "Chicago Haunts" and butts heads with Irving. Meanwhile, Dotti refuses to leave her room until the psychic is gone and Alex seems especially angry.

Dir: Michael P. Noens

Guest Cast: Sean Colbert & Leslie Strong

Episode 5 - "Residuals" - Airs: December 5, 2007

The team is left to deal with the fallout of the events that transpired at the end of episode 4. Their investigation is in tatters, Dotti refuses to talk and Gerry Parker will return soon, but the residual haunting at the end of the hall is enough evidence to take the skepticism from everybody.

Dir: Michael P. Noens
Guest Cast: Bill Coulter, Leslie Strong & Melanie Stanton

Episode 6 - "Closer" - Airs: December 12, 2007

Dir: Steve Coulter
Guest Cast: Tricia Noens, David B. Grelck & J. Spencer Greene

Episode 7 - "Poltergeist" - Airs: December 19, 2007

Dir: Steve Coulter
Guest Cast: Bill Coulter, Tricia Noens & Doug Bahnick

Episode 8 - "Truth" - Airs: December 26, 2007

Dir: David B. Grelck
Guest Cast: Michelle Higgins & Madeline Franklin

Episode 9 (Season Finale) - "Doorway" - Airs: January 2, 2008

Dir: David B. Grelck
Guest Cast: Bill Coulter, Michelle Higgins, Melanie Stanton & David B. Grelck